Make The Most Of Your Small Living Space

Make The Most Of Your Small Living Space

It is very seldom that a home or an apartment has exactly what you want as far as space and the layout of the rooms are concerned. You can make the most of your small living space by using your imagination when it comes to decorating, and knowing how to arrange furniture to disguise the … Read more

Foods and Containers For Frugal Lunches

foods and storage containers

Packing frugal lunches is one way to save money every month. Full-price cafeteria lunches (at my kids school) cost anywhere from $3.00 per day and up—an adult or teen eating out costs even more. The foods you get are not as nutritional as the foods you could pack in a lunchbox. Here are some ways … Read more

Easy Organizing Tips to Eliminate Mess and Clutter

Many organizing tips can be pretty complicated and let’s face it, getting organized can be such a headache that we never even start the project. Don’t let the massiveness of the job get you down. Instead of looking at the task as a whole, break it down into smaller pieces and it won’t be so … Read more