Simple Recipes for Busy People

There are days when even the most organized person just doesn’t have much time to spend in the kitchen. So what is one to do when the clock is nearing the mealtime hour, the family is asking “When will dinner be ready” and we are ready to drop? How do …

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Vacuum Sealers – Things to Consider

vacuum sealer

In this day in age, vacuum sealers are used by many money saving households, but did you know that until recently, vacuum sealers were not available to the general public. Their use was restricted to manufacturers who distributed foods nationwide. Here are a few things to consider if you are …

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Imagine the Possibilities!

Imagine the Possibilities

Someone asked me recently if it is still possible to grow a business that can be profitable enough to sell. My answer to her, and to the rest of you, is YES, YOU CAN! In the early 1900’s, a highly educated man with all the financial backing he needed worked …

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Eco-Friendly Decorating Tips

eco-friendly decorating

When it is time for a change in your home and you are concerned about the earth, you want to find eco-friendly decorating tips you can follow. Luckily, numerous decorating companies understand your desire to protect the environment. Not only do they make products from recycled materials, they also offer …

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Marketing A New Business – Where To Start?


Your business has started.  The doors are open.  The website is up.  But where are the customers? Starting a new business can be overwhelming.  There are so many things to do and so much to remember that frequently  marketing that business gets shoved to the bottom of the priority list. …

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Find Out If Your Item Will Sell Online

Sell Online

Will Your Product Sell? You’ve created a new product.  Or found one that you think will sell.  Perhaps you’ve started selling on Amazon or Ebay but don’t know if you should invest in this new product. So how do you find out if your product will sell online? Step One. …

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