Simple Recipes for Busy People

There are days when even the most organized person just doesn’t have much time to spend in the kitchen. So what is one to do when the clock is nearing the mealtime hour, the family is asking “When will dinner be ready” and we are ready to drop? How do we manage to provide quick … Read more

Handmade Bath Products – Creating Great Gifts

There are time when you may not be able to purchase all of the things you’d like to at Christmas or for any occasion where a gift is a must. Luckily giving doesn’t have to cost much. Handmade bath products are easy to make, inexpensive and something many people would really enjoy receiving. You can … Read more

Halloween Popcorn Balls

Halloween popcorn balls

Two of the things that kids and adults like about Halloween foods are the creepy crawlies and the ghoulish items. The problem is that ghoulish or icky isn’t always appropriate. And to be honest, even I don’t want to attend a party where everything attacks my senses and imagination. Sometimes I just want to eat … Read more

Turning Everyday Dinners into Spooky Meals

spooky meals

Spooky meals for Halloween? Yes, and it’s easy! When it comes to holidays, the family cook may feel frustrated because they feel they are in a rut. They want to offer their family something different but may not be able to come up with ideas. Consider turning everyday dinners into spooky meals leading up to … Read more

Chocolate Spider Clusters Halloween Recipe

Chocolate Spider Clusters

Chocolate spider clusters are a traditional  Halloween treat for many families. You may have wanted to make them yourself  but had no clue how. The chocolate spider clusters are actually quite easy to make. Here is a simple recipe that you can try. Chocolate Spider Clusters Recipe There are only three ingredients for this recipe. … Read more

Halloween Bat Wings Recipe

Halloween Bat Wings Recipe

Need a bat wings recipe for dinner tonight? Obviously you don’t want to feed your family real bat wings. However, you can make a pretty good fake bat wing by using chicken wings. This appetizer can be as tame, creepy speaking, as you like or you can ramp it up and make it spookier, too. … Read more