Top Home Fitness Trends for the New Year

Everyone knows somebody (including themselves) who has a good intention to work out. Many of those individuals even join a gym – and then they never go to that gym. That is why so many of those individuals choose to exercise from home these days.

Exercising from home has its benefits. There is no excuse that you are too tired to drive, or do not have enough time or the money to spend on a monthly membership. You are already standing in the place where you will exercise.

So once you have chosen to take home fitness seriously, how about exploring some of the newest home fitness trends for the New Year?

High Intensity Training

High intensity training involves high impact bursts of exercise that are extremely intense combined with lower impact bouts of resting periods. These home exercise routines are highly intense and can incorporate regimens such as yoga, martial arts, kickboxing, and weights as well.

The purpose behind high intensity training is to take the body beyond its limits and then experience periods of rest. This high intensity training is supposed to bring about optimal results.

There are both benefits and risks involved with high intensity training, just as with any other exercise regimen. For example, the benefits may show up in efficiency and proof that this type of exercise really does work. One of the risks may include injury or issues with the heart if you are not heart healthy to begin with.


Yoga is making a huge comeback and is showing up in a variety of styles and ways. There are many new forms of yoga that will be showing up as the latest trend for 2014.

fitness trends yogaMartial arts, swim, and dance yoga are to just name a few. KOGA, otherwise known as kickboxing and yoga, is picking up steam. Combining the intense movements of kickboxing with yoga highlights the intrinsic differences between the two, making it more powerful and effective.

Body Weight Training

Body weight training is hot, hot, hot right now and getting hotter by the moment. Body weight training uses no free weights, just the body to achieve maximum goals. While push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups are the most common, new and innovative body weight training exercises are on their way down the pike.

If you cannot afford equipment and are short on time, body weight training is an excellent choice for you. If spending money on a gym is not an option and you feel intimidated by working out in front of others, body weight training is an excellent option.

These are just a few of the top home fitness trends for the New Year.