Is High Intensity Training a Dangerous Way to Exercise?

High Intensity Training

We all know that for all the individuals wanting to exercise, there are many ways to do so. Some individuals prefer stretching and toning to high impact aerobics. Others may have a preference for Zumba over walking. While there are many different variations and just as many preferences, it is important to know as much … Read more

Interval Workouts – What Are They and Why Do They Work

Interval Workouts

Interval training is a type of exercise wherein you go from a high intensity to a low intensity workout and take brief periods of rest in between. Those periods of rest can be in the form of a lower intensity activity. For example, you can go from jogging vigorously for several minutes to walking around … Read more

Heart-Healthy Snacks for Kids

heart-healthy snacks

It’s so easy to reach for a bag of chips or a box of cookies instead of something healthy, but if your children are like most, once you offer up a healthy snack your children will grow to love the taste. Here are some snacks that are good for your heart. Heart-Healthy Old Classics Ants … Read more

Good and Bad Fats – What’s Yours? 

good and bad fats

We have all heard the terms good and bad cholesterol and good and bad fats. Good cholesterol (known as HDL) is responsible for protecting against heart attack, heart disease, and the build-up of plaque in the arteries. Bad cholesterol, on the other hand, is responsible for building up too much plaque in the arteries’ walls … Read more

What Makes Diets Easy To Stick To?

What Makes Diets Easy To Stick To

What is it about the word “diet” that scares us so? Maybe it’s better to use another word in that space when we talk about limiting food and increasing exercise. Would that makes diets easy to stick to? If you simply type “diet” into any search engine you won’t be spoiled for choices. They are … Read more