Trendy Colors for the New Year

Don’t be afraid of color. In colder months, it’s as if the color drains out of your wardrobe like it drains out of nature. Don’t hibernate; come alive in your fashion. Spruce it up with these colors that will be trending for the next year.

What is it about color? Most people like to play it safe, especially if they are older. Color is thought to be a youthful thing. However, while it is youthful, it is not just for youth. There are some young people who go overboard with color and look like they got into a fight at a paint store.

Dare to look younger than your age by adding a bright splash to the clothing you like to wear the most. The best part about color is that you get to shop for accessories as well. That’s more retail therapy.

The great thing about color is that it works on many levels. Party dresses, jeans, sweaters, jackets, accessories, eyewear, skirts, silk, cotton, corduroy, fleece and the like are all great. They may each reflect a certain color in different ways that can enhance your look when worn with similar colors.

Trendy Colors for the New Year

So, what colors do you need to add to your wardrobe?

* Blue – This is not basic blue but brighter shades like royal blue and even deeper shades that make you pale in comparison.

* Orange – Go for bright shades that make a statement and contrast well with your skin tone. Orange is a great color for fall and winter.

* Green – This is a deep green like forest or gray-green tones for coats, dresses, scarves and hats. Green works well with military fashions.

* Purple – It is the color of royalty when it’s darker but we are going for the lilacs and the lavenders here. They communicate femininity and delicateness.

* Deep reds – Avoid the candy apple variety but go for burgundy and blood red for parties and in everyday wear to make a stylish statement.

Hair Coloring

trendy colors blonde hairWhen it comes to hair, colors are trending here as well. One that stands out is the red. Bold, red shades add fire to your life and pump up your look. Match your hair color to your skin coloring. Some colors won’t work with all skin tones and your colorist should apprise you of this. For lighter skin tones, pastel is daring and trending for 2014.

Reds and browns work well on all skin tones. Go auburn, light brown with highlights, reddish brown and all variations in between. Layers can soften the look of a bold color.

Blond is ever trending. This is the light mixed with brown as well as ash blond.

Makeup Coloring

Again, bold is in. Go for deep colored shadows like blue and green. Lips can even be bold in orange and pink and red. Metallic colors for lids like gold and silver are great for winter and fall. Want a more ethereal look? Go for pearl and opaque to give your face a timeless appeal.

So, what colors are you thinking about for next year?

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