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Fun and Easy Ways to Organize Your Coupons

organize your couponsCouponing can be a real hassle if you don’t know how to organize your coupons. Most of us know that every good system begins with organization.

Now, organization can be boring. It can be paperclips and Post-it notes. Or it can be fun. What’s more fun than saving lots of money with coupons? Saving that money in style!

The Clutch

Ideally, you’ll take your coupons with you whenever you’re out running errands or shopping. Now, a recipe box method works quite well to organize coupons. However, it can be bulky to carry around. The clutch isn’t bulky at all. In fact, it can fit right inside your purse or bag. There are coupon clutches that you can buy. They come in fun colors and patterns.

But you can also make your own. A coupon clutch is merely a small fabric binder; you can choose the size you want to make it but 8×10 is a good rule of thumb. Inside, sew a small three-ring binder into place. Plastic sleeves help you organize your coupons by category, date, or store. Whenever you’re out shopping, all you need to do is pull your binder out of your bag and you have instant access to your coupon collection.

Day Runner Coupon Organizer

Day Runner, a leader in planning and organization tools, also makes a coupon organizer. It’s a spiral bound binder small enough to fit in a bag. Inside it offers pockets to place your coupons. It also provides a calendar and list-making tools. The nice thing about this organizer is that it’s sturdy, wire bound, and colorful.

However, you may not like the pockets. Coupons can easily slide out of them. One solution is to clip the coupons to the pocket. The categories are predefined which makes finding your coupons quick and easy.

Good Old Three-Ring Binder

Three-ring binders have infinite uses. They’re great for storing household information, take out menus, and of course for storing and organizing coupons. What’s truly fun about three-ring binders is that you can find great colors and patterns in your local store’s back to school section. And if fun colors aren’t for you, they make sophisticated leather bound binders too. Another benefit to the three-ring binder is the ability to customize your organization system to meet your needs and style.

For example, some people prefer to organize by expiration date and others by product or category. You get to decide. With a few simple tools like plastic sleeves and dividers, you can create a system that is simple and easy to use.

Find a system that works for you. It’ll mean the end of the old “coupons in the envelope” method. It’ll also be the end of missing coupons, feeling flustered at the checkout line, and stress.

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