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Natural Beauty Tips for Skin and Hair

healthy hairI am always looking for natural beauty tips for skin and hair.

Natural costs less and works better than the store bought, chemical laden beauty products. Also, when times are tough, or if you are just frugal and thrifty like I am, paying top dollar for beauty products is something that is not in the budget {try and use coupons or hit sales to purchase these types of products}.

Try some of these tips before you spend your hard earned money on fancy beauty products.

Dry Hands—everyone gets dry hands now and again. I get them all the time because my hands are in water a lot and I live in Wyoming; the cold and wind capital of the country. The one item that I love to use to soften my hands is olive oil. Once or twice a week (usually when I am cleaning my house) I rub a small amount of olive oil on my hands and put on rubber gloves. The warm water helps the oil absorb into my skin and my hands stay soft. You can do this every time you hand wash dishes as well.

Bath Time—I have read about putting milk in your bath water to soften skin. I haven’t tried this one because we don’t drink regular cows’ milk in our house. Just use ½ cup of powdered milk in your bath. Someone let me know if this works. If you have dry skin you can use grapefruit and salt. Just pour a small amount of salt on a half of grapefruit and gently rub it on your skin to exfoliate.

Face Lotion—I use pure coconut oil on my face, straight from the jar. I love it and it’s my favorite natural beauty tip. The hard Wyoming wind really makes a woman’s face age quickly, and I have tried numerous facial products, but most of the over-the-counter stuff really hurts my sensitive skin. I bought a 7oz jar of 100% natural coconut oil form the health food store on sale for less than $4.00. You have to use a little dab at a time and massage it into your skin. Don’t get it in your eyes or you will have blurry vision the rest of the day! I use Now Foods Pure Coconut Oil and you can get a pack of two jars for around six dollars. That is an awesome deal!

Witch hazel works wonders as a natural skin toner. Tea bags and cucumber slices can be used for puffy eyes and to reduce those dark circles. Olive oil works great as a makeup remover.

Eye Care:  I buy this one because it is all natural  and made of 100% food-grade, natural plant oils and scented with natural essential oils. The perservative in the cream is so gentle it is used in contact lens cleaning solution and baby wipes. It is a safe and effective preservative that is formaldehyde and paraben-free.  The EYE SERUM has no preservatives, no dyes, no synthetic fragrances or parabens.  It is sold by one of my favorite companies Creative Gifts to Go and is called  Belle Naturelle Anti-aging eye care kit.

Hair Conditioner—the best cure for dry hair is to not use styling products, hair sprays, blow dryers and putties on your hair. Some even say using a conditioner is bad for your hair. If you do use these products, try gently rubbing some pure coconut oil on your scalp and the dry ends of your hair. It does make a difference. Olive oil works just as well.

The best beauty tip I have found is eating a well-balanced diet, and drinking eight glasses of water a day. Without water your body literally dries up. Water and diet is especially important if you are older and live in harsh climates like mine.

Try some of these natural beauty tips. Let us know how they work for you or feel free to share some of your own with us.

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