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Make Your Old Winter Wardrobe Look New

Many of us get tired of wearing the same old winter wardrobe during cold weather. Not to mention winter clothes tend to be fairly drab earth tones, or dark neutrals like black and brown. Make your old drab winter wardrobe look new by adding a few exciting accessories. Here are some ideas that are not only fashionable but won’t cost a lot of money either.


This simple but colorful way to add vibrancy to your winter wardrobe can actually be very affordable. And handbags are highly customizable – you can even make your own. Larger handbags with buckles and large straps add balance to thicker clothing. Wide stripes and bold patterns can also make a lively fashion statement.


winter wardrobe red scarf and red hatNo mention of winter clothing would be complete without discussing scarves. This is an obvious area for personal expression, including bright colors and patterns. One of the fun things about scarves is that they rarely go out of style. So choose something that says “you” and wear it when you need a colorful kick with your winter clothes.


Whether you live in an area of the world with a lot of cold, wet weather or whether you live somewhere much warmer, boots are still part of winter fashion. If you are going more for a wintry look without having to slog through slush and snow, opt for attractive boots that are more about fashion that practicality – think pointy toes, heels, and faux fur.


It’s good to have a few nice winter hats on hand (and head!), but to really make your winter hats an accessory, go for interesting colors and styles. And you can make the hat part of your outfit so you don’t have to take it off and mess up your hair. Another way to avoid hat-head is to sneak a little mousse and a few bobby pins in your handbag so you can duck into the restroom to fix your hair right after you take off your hat.

Hats can add interest and volume to plain, slim coats and basic scarves. Chunky, randomly-shaped hats look great with a thin scarf and thick gloves. A small, plain hat can accentuate an elaborate scarf and colorful gloves.


One of the fun things about coats is that they can act like a blank canvas – you can add scarves, hats and gloves to a coat to give it a whole new look. Think contrast: a chunky scarf looks fabulous over a sleek leather jacket, and a long, colorful, slim scarf can give a whole new look to a full-length coat.

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