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What Halloween Treats Are You Giving Out This Year?

Halloween TreatsBack when I was a kid, getting homemade Halloween treats was not uncommon, but today, too many dangers exist for us to let our kids eat anything homemade from a stranger.

We did have a teacher in our neighborhood a few years back who made popcorn hands (using popcorn, small candies then tossing it all in see through gloves). She only gave them out to her students that knocked on the door, and we trusted her so that was fine. Any concerned parent would toss these kinds of treats without a second thought.

Halloween Treats That Don’t Contain Nuts

More people today are aware of the common allergy to nuts, especially peanuts. Although it is not your responsibility as a treat giver to determine if Halloween treats are suitable for your little ghosts and goblins, some parents may want to try and find nut-free treats.

While it’s easy to know that “Snickers” has nuts, it’s more difficult to know if the processing plant where the candy is made also processes nuts. It only takes a tiny bit of nut kernel to set off a severe allergic reaction in some people. Many Halloween candy companies label boxes to indicate if they are “Nut Free”, so do look for that label.

Twizzlers, Hot Tamales, Mike and Ike, Smarties and Sweet Tarts, or Lifesaver Gummies are good non-nut treats to give out. If you still want chocolate, look for allergy information after the list of ingredients on the package. In view of this information, there are some treats developed where the manufacturing process is known to be safer. These include Junior Mints, Tootsie Rolls, Hershey Kisses, Chips Ahoy Cookies, York Peppermint Patties, and Oreo Cookies.

Many people have stopped giving candy and opt for party favors instead. Check the dollar stores for packages of things that can be divided. For instance. Many kids love post-it notes or some sort of unusual pencil. Look for sheets of those temporary tattoos, little cookie cutters, beading, or plastic figurines like army men or farm animals. Look for glow in the dark eyeballs or Halloween stickers if you want to keep the Halloween theme in tact. If you don’t expect but a few trick-or-treaters, consider giving them money or individually wrapped fortune cookies. Anything you would give as a party favor will do for a Halloween treat.

The whole point of this holiday is to give out Halloween treats to your little ghosts and goblins. As I said before, we as parents can’t be responsible for what other kids choose to eat, it is up to their parents to do that job. Hand out Halloween treats that you feel good about and have some fun!

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