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Green Toys Jump Rope

Green Toys Jump RopeJumping rope is a good activity. Remember it when you were a kid? You’ll find tons of people doing it in the gym. Jumping a rope is a good way to build up cardio fitness and endurance. For kids, it is a fun way to spend time outdoors at play. They get to laugh and burn calories at the same time for better health.

This is a good beginner rope for any young child. It is made in the US from 100 percent cotton. The handles are recycled plastic, specifically milk jugs. The rope measures 7 feet in length and according to the instructions it is adjustable. Your child can spend hours practicing their moves while saving the environment at the same time. Some customers have noted that the handles can be fragile if dropped repeatedly on a hard surface as some kids are likely to do.

There are three colors to choose from: Green Toys Jump Rope, Green, pink and blue. The handles are easy to grip and allow the rope to turn but not too fast for smaller kids. Good for instruction in learning to jump or skip over a rope.

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